Results of Gender Biases

Gender stereotyping has direct effects on females. After being conditioned and stereotyped over a long period of time, young females internalize these self-doubts about science and math and this ultimately ends up hurting their performance on math and science exams.

Research by Danater and Crandall analyzed data from an AP calculus exam and reported that female students perform 33% worst when they are asked to report their gender on the exam before it begins as compared to reporting their gender after the exam.   Even subtle reminders of stereotypes alter performance: women did worst on quantitative tests after they were reminded about gender differences in performance

Think About It:

If parents and teachers do not believe in females in the science and math industry, it is difficult for females to believe in themselves.

Gendered Stereotype is Cemented in the Unconscious.

Through a gender-science based test (“implicit association tests”) conducted by the American Association of University Women taken by more than 500,000 people, results show:

 “70% of people more readily association males with science and females with the humanities”. 

These incorrect unconscious biases towards women and the sciences are a slow-moving process to change. 

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