Gender Stereotypes

“Her mother and grandmother are both nurses, so there’s no question she will be too”

“Did you know that guy over there studies chemistry? He must be so smart.”

“Oh, she’s a female, she must be so emotional” 

“Are you sure he’s going into the Arts? I thought he was interested in math?”

Sound familiar? We’ve all been witness to gender stereotypes in our lifetime.

Gendered stereotypes about “male” and “female” interests and career paths begin at a very early age (between ages of 3-5). Research shows that female math abilities are shaped as early as preschool and elementary school. It is transmitted by their parents and teachers, ultimately shaping girls attitudes and interests in science, technology, engineering and math fields.

Watch below to see how gender stereotypes are instilled in children from a young age:

Gender Stereotyping In Schools:

  • An example of how gender stereotypes have unfolded in schools: A kindergarten award chart showed that the girls within a classroom were awarded with “all-around sweetheart” and “cutest personality” while boys were awarded with “very best thinker” and “most scientific”.

Gender Stereotyping At Home:

  • Research has shown that mother`s exposed to media coverage about gender differences in math reasoning abilities reduced mothers’ estimates of their daughters’ math abilities, but not their sons’”

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