There has been change when it comes to the inequity of women in the STEM fields.

Women bring a new perspective to a career and society will benefit from their expertise.

Females in science-related careers have come a long way. They are doing great things, and it is safe to say women in science will be the future!

Watch this inspirational video below:

Three major changes we will highlight include: the implementation of science-related programs for young females, stereotype threat intervention, and aggressive recruitment of females to the STEM industries.

Science Related Programs:

Programs such as Techsploration and the research done by the National Institute For Women in Trades, Technology and Science help to close the gender gap for women and girls in male dominated fields. These types of programs work to educate girls and women to explore the wonderful possibilities of futures within the sciences.

For more information: See our interview with Techsploration Director: Arylene Reycraft

Stereotype Threat Intervention:

Stereotype Threat Intervention is a tactical way to create change.

Threat interventions include:

  • self-affirmations
  • the presentation of role models
  • teaching about stereotypes to all students

These types of tactics allow females to be aware of gender stereotypes so that it can no longer affect their science and math participation and performance.

Aggressive Recruitment Strategies of Females:

This includes:

  • reaching out and educating guidance counselors
  • personally encouraging young females in the science, math and engineering fields
  • developing outreach materials that feature female role models

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